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Welcome to the "Official" Aaron Ikeda Fansite 

Welcome * Komo mai * Beinvenue * Benvenuti * Bienvenidos * Bem-vindo * Foon ying * Irashaimase * Huan yin *
Hwangyong-hamnida * Khosh aamadid * Mabuhay * Maliu mai * Merhaba * Welkom * Willkommen * Yin dee *

Hello Family, Friends, and Fans,

Welcome to my "Official" fansite. I call it the "Official" fansite just so you can differentiate this site from all the bogus Aaron Ikeda
sites out there... yah, I crack myself up. Anyhoo, I personally update and maintain this to "HYPE" me, my work, and my affiliation with
such TV shows as "Scrubs" and "iCarly". I would like to personally THANK YOU in taking a personal interest in my acting career. Let's just say
this is just my way of sharing my world with you. Please, by all means, have a look around.

I do apologize for not being able to update this as much as I like. Check back often to see if I have done something new.

Warmest Aloha, Ai


click here for
  • Has signed with Courtney Peldon at Aqua Talent for Theatrical Representation
  • Wrapped on a National Commercial for "Audi"! Look for a Guy with a Script at a Dinner Party!
  • Wrapped on a National Commercial for "Lipton" Peach Ice Tea! Look for 2 Delivery Guys Singing a Jingle! 
  • Wrapped on a National Commercial for "TracFone"! Look for the Mom and a Doctor!
  • Wrapped on a National Commercial for "Chick-Fil-A"! Look for 2 guys in an elevator with a cow!
  • Finished an amazing run as understudy for the East West Players production of "Three Year Swim Club"
  • My iCarly episode... er, I should say, The First Lady Michelle Obama's episode (with me in it) call "iMeet the first lady" aired on Monday, January 16th, 2012!
  • "Like" my IMDB page, Please! Every "Like" on this page increases my star meter! Who knows, you could be personally responsible for getting me in my next TV show or Movie!

  • My BANNED 2007 Bud Light Super Bowl spot called "Japanese Restaurant" has received over 4.2 MILLION views on!!! Thank You for giving it some life! See it here --->
  • Befriend me on Facebook... the social network!

  • Now you can follow my updates on TWITTER!

  • Wrapped on a skit opposite Christian Slater and Rosario Dawson for ABC called Un-Broke: What You Need To Know About Money. See this video from Seth Green from "funny or die" from the show. Details in 'Theatrical'.

  • 'REX' Welcomes all SCRUBS Fans!!!

  • SCRUBS season 7 viewing party pix in 'Scrubs Book'!

  • Look for Aaron's short interview in the Scrubs season 6 DVD. Details in 'Scrubs News' and blog!

My American Egg Board Commercial "Play"

My ING Direct Commercial "Hydrangeas"

My Banned Bud Light Superbowl Spot


If you want to know when I'm on TV again click on this cool YAHOO link!

My Blog has my most recent stories and misadventures... just click
CURRENT BLOG: ABC Primetime Skit with Rosario Dawson and Christian Slater
Previous: I just finished principal photography for a new Best Buy commercial with Will Smith!

Aaron Ikeda's Facebook profile

[ScrubS] Season 7 Episode 705 "My Growing Pains" (2007)

"Burn for a burn, baby. That's in the Bible."

[ScrubS] Season 7 Episode 5 "My Growing Pains" (2007)
Hooch & Rex... Enjoy!

[ScrubS] Season 6 Episode 4 "My House" (2007)
Dr. Cox rants about House and singles out Rex


I just completed an amazing voice-over class with multiple Emmy Award winning Casting Director/Director ANDREA ROMANO. She has cast some great cartoons including Teen Titans, Justice League, and Animaniacs! Special thanks to Marilyn Tokuda at East West Players for putting this together. I am look forward to a career in voice-over animation.

I just completed a short interview with EXPOSE VIDEO to be shown on KCED. I'll post it here once it is ready to run. Special Thanks to Franz, Arturo, JD, and lovely host Michelle Hope.

I completed work on the short film "Double Happiness". The film looks awesome. I will keep you updated on this project on my 'Theatrical' page.

I just completed an amazing class with renouned comedy acting coach SCOTT SEDITA. I am definately getting a work out and keeping my craft well tuned.

My mother and I attended the 2007 AZN Asian Excellence Awards and had a great time. She asked ME to be her date... how could I say no, way cool! Pix are in the Scrap Book and Blog is up.

Special thanks to ROBERT & MICHELLE COLT of Acting Success Now whose seminar I attended this weekend. I STRONGLY recommend you check this out and sign up for their next weekend (they only do a limited number of work shops in LA and NY). This will empower you and change your life.

If you are a geek like me and are into comics or even, check out this 20 question interview with me & Keith at It's pretty self explanatory but I talk about comics and [Scrubs] and me and comics.. Special Thanks to Keith and the Around Comics gang... I have added you to my podcasts.

So... Aaron... How DO you pronounce your name? easy it's Aaron... or hebrew AHRvN... like Hank Aaron, Elvis Aron Presley, or... NO... your LAST name... Ooh???! It's easy just reverse the vowels... it's IKEDA and pronounced EEE-KAY-DAH (rather the EYE-KEY-DAH) It's also Japanese and quite common in Japan like Smith or Johnson!
Also, did you know that IKEA is properly pronounced EEE-KAY-YAH in Sweden. I looked it all up on WIKIPEDIA!

Holy CRAP BATMAN! ANGRY ASIAN MAN on the loose! I want to send a sincere THANK YOU to Phil at
THE ANGRY ASIAN MAN website. If you're interested in what happens in Asian Americana and pop culture just click on the name... it is by far "THE BEST" Asian-American website EVER!

If you are into everything asian and can't find a decent T-shirt... well, get your fix at my friend's website

I also found a couple of cool websites:
SECRET ASIAN MAN: updating ASIAN news and opinion... I love this comic strip which is NATIONAL syndication!

: updating ASIAN comic artists by renouned comic writer GREG PAK... I love this guys work!
THE FUTON CRITIC: updating everything on TV... what to watch tonight to ratings and news.

Also, check out my friends Jun, Mike and Adam at my favorite comic book store in Manhattan Beach, CA... THE COMIC BUG.

Be good everyone and remember... where ever you go... there you are... GO DODGERS, LAKERS, KINGS... Peace!!!

Recognized in public count = 6
Autographs signed in public count = 0
Mistaken for another actor count = 1 (Thanks Yuji O, KKII)