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Born July 30th, 19** at Kapiolani Hospital in the city of Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii to William and Donna Ikeda.
Father is a retired Draftsman and avid bowler & golfer (He once bowled a near perfect game in league play).
Mother was a State Representative and Senator for the Hawaii Legislature. She is currently a board member for the Hawaii Board of Education.
The Youngest of 3 and the only boy; sisters Rika and Julie.
Raised on the East side of Honolulu in the city of Hawaii Kai.
Parents are divorced. Mother remaried. Father still single and loving it.

Attended Kamiloiki Elementary and Niu Valley Intermediate.
Graduate of Kaiser High School. Lettered in Soccer and was a member of the strategic gamers club. Played trumpet in the marching, concert and jazz bands all 4 years.
Attended the University of Hawaii at Manoa but was 3 semesters short of completing a degree in communications.
Member of Pi Sigma Epsilon business fraternity and Kappa Epsilon Theta Social Fraternity.
Attended Kapiolani Community College for 2 semesters before discovering acting.

While working several jobs, booked a few local comercials while studying scenes at night. Eventually landed a job as a flight attendant and relocated to San Francisco in 1998.
Studied at night at the world renowned American Conservatory Theater in downtown San Francisco. Transfered to Los Angeles in 2000 and have been a resident ever since.
Married to Shari Stoddart, a Flight Attendant, on November 13, 2004. No Children... yet.
Continues to study & perform Improvisation at the renowned theater company "The Groundlings and other venues around Hollywood.

Proud Owner of a Toyota Pick-up Truck (Charcoal Grey)
Chevy Tahoe (Gold)
Surfboard and Skateboard
Sea Doo Jet Ski (White)

Hobbies include but are not limited to bumming around the house, catering to my wifes expectations,
working out, Surfing when there are waves, Surfing the internet when there are not, Gardening,
watching a lot of Movies & TV, reading and collecting comic books, going to rock concerts,
shopping when I have money, rescuing local neighborhood animals
and getting scratched by my cats Blackie, Tigger, Musubi. R.I.P. Kit-T-Kat, Luckie & Smokie.

Willing to shave for a good audition...
Willing to cut my hair for a good part...

Aaron's Measurements

Height: 5' 9 3/4"
Weight: 160#
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black Wavy (Natural)

Suite: 40 Regular
Shirt: Neck - 16"
Sleeve - 34"
Pants: Waist - 32"
Inseam - 30"
Shoes: Dress - 9D-9.5D
Sport - 10 R
Hat: 7 1/4, 22 3/4"
Glove: 7 1/2" (Medium Cadet)


Previous professions:

Flight Attendant, Chauffeur, Department Store Buyer, Stock Boy, Supermarket Night Manager,

Cashier, Bag Boy, Janitor, Banquet Server, Bank Teller, Auditorium Assistant, Clerical office worker,

Mover, Carpenter, and Newspaper delivery boy.


Backgound Peformances (or cameos)

NightStalker (ABC/Touchstone), Threat Matrix (ABC/Touchstone), TheBig Bounce (WB/ShangraLa),

Windtalkers (MGM/Liongate), Magnum PI (CBS), Jake and the Fat Man, and Hawaii Five-O.

Traveled to most of the states except Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming, Mississippi, and Alaska.

Have not been to South America, Africa, or the Moon.