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DEMO REEL is at Breakdown Services just click on "Video" tab

American Egg Board "Play" (12/16/10)

Wrapped on a quick :15 second spot for the great American Egg opposite future star Ethan Dizon!
Special Thanks to Hugh and Jenn at CTC, Joe and Mike at Joe Blake Casting for bringing me in to audition. Director Clay Williams, Ist AD John, 2nd AD Freddie, Producers David, Eric, Patrick, and Erick; DP Tony and the terrific crew at MJZ! Also, all the wonderful people at Grey Group Ad Agency!

ING Direct - Touch the Ball: "Hydrangeas" (9/10/10)

wrapped on funny spot for ING Direct opposite the Incomparable Trevor Thorseth!

Special Thanks to Hugh and Jenn at CTC, Sara and Mary Beth at Petite for bring me in and casting me! The Director Geordie Stephens, 1st AD Mike Curtis, 2nd AD Joe Gray, DP Barry Markowitz, and the rest of terrific crew at Tool of NA... funnest shoot ever! Side Note: Had my first homosexual screen kiss with Trevor that didn't make it into the final cut... ha, ha, ha.

HONDA CRV "Soldier Field" (8/31/10)

Wrapped on a quick spot for Honda featuring a CRV and replica of Soldier Field made out of finger food!

Special Thanks to Hugh and Jenn at CTC! Ross Lacy Casting for bringing me in and booking me! The Director Clay Weiner, 1st AD Mike Saffie, 2nd AD Billy Alarcon, Stylist Jenna Wright and Helen Huang, Make Up Brenna Bash and the awesome crew at Biscuit!

Hertz - "Amy" (1/27/10)

Wrapped on a quick day of work for a 60 second Hertz spot opposite up and coming singer/songwriter Amy Regan!

Special Thanks to Hugh and Jenn at CTC!

BEST BUY - "Whale" (4/8/08)
I just completed work on a new Best Buy commercial with Will Smith! Yup... er... well not exactly. It’s to promote his movie "HANCOCK"!

Special Thanks go to my Agent Hugh Leon and his assistant Dawn at Coast to Coast.
Danielle Eskinazi casting and Doug Traer session director.
The Director Sebastian, Producer Mark, 1st AD Jonathan, 2nd AD Mike, and the great Crew at RSA for a smooth shoot.
My cast mates Sue Tan (Whale Wife), Christian Fan (Whale Son),
Christian’s mom Sunny (for taking pictures while I was in the water), and Francesca (the Best Buy girl).

BUD LIGHT - "Japanese Restaurant" (10/26/06)
I completed work on a new Bud Light 30 second commercial entitled "Japanese Restaurant" to run nationally... I hope! This spot was scheduled to run during Super Bowl XLI, but as luck would have it, it didn't. Check out my blog for details on the shoot. UPDATE: Since it was banned, it now had another life on You Tube with over 3.3 Million views, WOW!

Special thanks to Jessica J Casting for bringing me in to audition.

Director Jeff Goodby and the great crew @Radical Media for a smooth shoot. Shout out to Kenji & Mitsu in helping me with my Japanese. Also, I would like to thank Hugh and Lisa at CTC for hooking me up with the gig.

CITIBANK - "Wizard" (9/15/05)
You can still see me on the Citibank "Faster Rewards" 30 second national commercial entitled "Wizard" below.

Special thanks to Tracy Tabbery-Weller at Fallon for choosing me; Cathi Carlson and assistant Ryan Bernstein at Cathi Carlson Casting for bringing me to audition; Director Tom Kuntz and the great crew at MJZ for a smooth shoot. Also I would like to thank Hugh, Larry and Lisa at CTC for hooking me up with the gig!

SHOPPING.COM - "Wheelchair" (9/2003)
Here is a blast from the past... found this on YouTube.
One of the first spots I did in LA... enjoy!



Coast To Coast Talent Group, Inc.

(323) 845-9200

Hugh Leon
3350 Barham Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90068
Fax (323) 845-9212 (click on link)



Hassman Entertainment

(310) 617-7378
(310) 471-4546

Neil Hassman
11601 Dunstan Way
Suite 206
Brentwood (LA), CA 90049
email: (click on link)

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